Each Timber Longboard is a labor of love. These hand-crafted wood boards are built using Western Red Cedar as the primary timber. The natural variations of color and grain patterns contribute to the uniqueness of each board. Western Red Cedar is lightweight, strong, and shapes nicely. I accent each board with contrasting colors of cedar and incorporate exotic and locally harvested hardwoods.

I started Timber Longboard Company because I wanted a better way to build stand-up paddle boards. A wood craftsman by trade, I was intrigued by the beauty and durability of the old wooden longboards of a bygone surf era. Through research and travel, I learned to craft hollow-wood surfboards. I used this technique to create my first stand-up paddle board. I honed my skills and Timber Longboard Company was born. After years of perfecting the craft, the result is what you see today. I’ve learned a lot since those early days, and we have surfboards, wake surfboards, and custom race paddle boards in our fleet.

Each Timber Longboard is handcrafted in Missouri. When choosing a new stand-up paddle board, surfboard, or wake surfboard, please consider supporting a company who takes pride in craftsmanship and building relationships with our clients and vendors. Order a new Timber Longboard today.



                                                 Shane Camden

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